Our projects

Do realize the concepts of the exhibitions with us! They are waiting for you and your city. The topics that are spoken about are a guarantee of an exposition everyone wants to visit and they will turn your city into a sought-after destination!

We launch a time limited tender for each concept!

  • Interactive Bohemian – German centre

    Museum and a social centre for the boarder region. A visitor will in an interactive way learn about the history of common life of both neighbours. Starting from the arrival of Slavs and Germans up to the present day.

    Stage of the project: concept

  • Protected workshop

    Project of a protected workshop will provide with social service for handicapped people.

    Stage of the project: concept

  • Children´s interactive playgrounds

    Children could with a help of motion and entertaining form educate themselves. Interactive playground will be presented for the public on the 15th of September on the international exhibition GaLaBau 2010 in Nürnberk.

    Stage of the project: concept, preparation of a study

  • Municipal museums – Story of the city

    Multimedia museum tells a story of the city and its inhabitants from prehistory to the presence in the form of an experience.

    Stage of the project: concept

  • Museum of totality

    I Interactive museum mapping in a non-traditional form the monstrosity of the totalitarian regimes. A visitor learns in the form of an experience about the life in a dictatorship.

    Stage of the project: concept

  • Museum of Hussites

    P A story of a Hussites´revolution. Exposition using 5D technology shows to visitors the history of Hussites including the dark sides of the era. Appropriate for the regions with a tradition of Hussites.

    Stage of the project: concept

  • Children´s educational centres – Science centre

    Children will in an entertaining way learn about different fields of science, nature, human body and technologies. Appropriate for local and regional centres.

    Stage of the project: concept

  • Unconventional Observatories

    „Organic“ observatories made in American Cemrock technology. Appropriate for small municipalities looking for attraction specific for their region.

    Stage of the project: concept

  • Museum of Glass – Crystal Palace

    Multimedia museum – A Glass Castle combines 5D show, museum and a display malls of glass works. The project is meant for regions with glass-making tradition.

    Stage of the project: study

  • Sport and relax centre

    Relax centre is designed for increasing demand of leisure activities and related forms of sport and relax activities.

    Stage of the project: concept

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