We are looking for sponsors!

We would like to thank all sponsors, benefactors and other pe rsons and entities who support the activities of the New Bohemia Foundation – either by financial means or any form of material support, voluntary work etc. Would you also like to participate on the development of our Foundation activities and our projects? In case you were interested in giving us a material support, voluntary work or any other form of support do not hesitate to contact us.   In case you would like to support us with a financial gift use one of these options:

  • bank transfer: 233970526/0300 (account holder: Nové Česko, Nadace /Foundation)
  • postal order: Nové Česko, Foundation, Veverkova 1229/9, Praha 7, PSČ 170 00

Although this should not be a main motivation for your financial gift let us point out the possibility to apply tax allowances when you support the Foundation:

  • Physical entity – can deduct from the tax basis the value of gift provided for public beneficial purposes in case the total value of the gift per one year will not exceed 2% of the tax basis or amounts at minimum 1000 CZK. In total maximum 10% can be deducted from the tax basis of the physical entity(see § 15 Act. No. 586/1992 Digest – Tax law),
  • Legal entities – the legal entities may deduct form the lowered tax basis according to the § 34 Act no. 586/1992 Digest – Tax law, the value of the gifts in case the value amounts at least at 2.000 CZK. In total maximum 5 % can be deducted from a lowered tax basis (see § 20 and § 34 Act no. 586/1992 Digest – Tax law).

We are happy to issue a certificate for you on accepting the gift if needed. For certificates of a gift acceptance please contact Radka Honkova.

Nadační fond Nové Česko