Message and goals

New Bohemia Foundation is an independent non-profitable organization (registered in the foundation register conducted by Municipal Court in Prague, section N, file No. 794). The founder of the Foundation is  Pavel Tuma. The Foundation is managed by a three member Management Board.

What do we do?

The Foundation owns a license rights for many of patents. In the cooperation with you and other international experts we can design and realize museums, educational centres the visitors will remember for their whole life. Our active “experience” forms will turn your city into a sought-after destination. A man of 21st century longs mainly after experience. Our programmes will provide the visitor not only with an unforgettable experience but also fun that educates and helps to live a new life.

What have we already achieved? The aim of the Foundation

The aim of the Foundation is to:

  • support and develop independent projects and infrastructure in the area of education, social affairs;
  • implement new educational programmes and alternative forms of education;
  • support  building and modernization of infrastructure for increasing demand of leisure and relax activities as well as other types of free-time activities;
  • support  investments in building, reconstruction and modernization of the facilities for development of other forms of education;
  • support investments in new technologies;
  • support investment in building and reconstruction of infrastructure for social care, and  improvement of these services;
  • support  investments for widening and improvement of infrastructure for social groups threatened by social exclusion, (including disabled access options for people with motion and orientation limitations)
  • and support provision of development and promotion of these activities.

What are our further ideas?

The vision of the Foundation is to realize and complete the idea of European cooperation with the focus on regional cooperation.

„Our vision is to improve the education with the help of interactive 5D methods“


It has been repetitively proved that we remember only 10% of what we hear, only 15% of what we see or read, only 40 % of what we discuss and about 80 % of what we experience or do. If we follow the affirmed rule the children who have just listened to an anti-drug lecture will retain only 10% in their minds of what they hear. If they read about drug addicts who died, watch a video, TV spot on how to behave safely they will remember only 15% of “that” and that is unfortunately very little...

In case they had an opportunity to discuss the drugs, risks and prevention they should, according to this key, remember as far as 40 % of the received information. If there is an opportunity for an active participation – in the form of “experience” the effects is considerably higher. This opportunity is fully provided by the simulation unit project – „Revolution Train”. Children experience the story and they will remember as much as 80 %.

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